Kaikoura Island Opening Ceremony 7th May 2005

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  Trip around the coast of Kaikoura Island
Bradshaw Cove Bradshaw Cove Kaikoura Island wharf Visitors head up to the Port FitzRoy Boating Club for the opening ceremony

 Rawiri Wharemate, spokesperson for Ngati Rehua Kevin Prime from ASB Trust

 Rawiri Wharemate, spokesperson for Ngati Rehua Pat Campbell, DoC Kaupapa Atawhai Manager, Northland Prime Minister Helen Clark and Harry Ngawaka, Kaumatua Ngati Rehua Warrick Murray, Department of Conservation Mike Lee, Auckland Regional Council

Kevin Prime, ASB Trust Pat Campbell, PM Helen Clark, Conservation Minister Chris Carter Conservation Minister, Chris Carter Prime Minister, Helen Clark Warrick Murray DoC and PM Helen Clark

Geoff Davidson, Chair Motu Kaikoura Trust   PM Helen Clark and Geoff Davidson, Chair Motu Kaikoura Trust      The PM and Conservation Minister depart by helicopter      Visitors depart by Fullers Ferry


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