Kaikoura Island in the Hauraki Gulf, New Zealand

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Birds of Great Barrier Island and Kaikoura Island
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Over the years with the clearing of the land, the proliferation of predators and the demise of suitable food and shelter the bird population of Kaikoura Island was greatly reduced.  Now, with the work of restoration begun, the regeneration of native tree species including a proposed planting programme and a predator eradication programme the hope is that the birds will re-establish their populations on the island.

Many of birds found on Great Barrier Island are also found on Kaikoura Island.  The Kaka (nestor meridionalis) is a particularly noisy species and can be seen in significant numbers on Kaikoura Island, especially amongst the pine trees where they shred the pine cones to get at the seeds.

Brown Teal (anas chlorotis) are also found around the island.  The only sustainable population of this species is found on Great Barrier Island at present.

Other native species found on Great Barrier Island and sighted around Kaikoura Island are;
NZ Pigeon (kereru), tui, fantail, kingfisher, pied shag, white faced heron, banded rail and shining cuckoo.

 Brown Teal Chick  Brown Teal Male in Full Breeding Plumage Brown Teal Oyster Catcher and Chicks

Wood Pigeon (Kereru)  Banded Rail Banded Rail NZ Dotterel
Tui Pied Shag Silvereye (Waxeye) Kaka

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